Links, Differences Between Versions, Hyper-V Client and More Details about Windows 8

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After a long wait, Windows 8 has been released! Horraay! The bad news is that only Technet/MSDN Subscribers have access now. For everyone else, you will need to wait till October. =(

But hold on! There is a good news too! Microsoft also released a free 90 Days Trial version for the public. Have a look in some details and download links:


To download the trial version click here.

Windows 8 comes with lots of improvements and new features. There are 2 particular ones that I’m really excited about: The new graphical interface and the Hyper-V Client.

I like the idea of tablets. Portable, with you wherever you are, but I miss desktop applications. I think it would be awesome to have tablets that you could use as your desktop PC as well, with all Apps we normally have on Windows, everything in a single device. Now with the new Windows 8 GUI we have a fusion between tabled and PC in just one device, making that possible.

Tablets like Microsoft Surface will have keyboards on it, allowing us to have everything we expect from a desktop in a tablet, or vice-versa. Smile

Another good factor in the GUI are the tiles. Rather than normal icons, Windows 8 comes with live and animated tiles that can show updates about what’s going on in your apps. It is very handy. Default tiles like calendar, Mail and weather let you see the information straight away in the Start screen. Sometimes I don’t even open the applications to see their details. All that I need to see is in the tiles.


I’ve heard both good and bad feedbacks about this new interface. There are some people that doesn’t like the idea of an OS without the Start menu and the live tiles. Well, let’s get back to the Windows 2000 times… I remember when Windows XP came out with a new interface (comparing with Windows 2000 that was a big change). I also remember almost everyone complaining about that: “This shit looks like a Teletubbie OS”, “Lots of colors, looks like a kid OS”, “Didn’t like this new GUI) etc, etc, etc.


The thing is that you will just need sometimes playing and discover the new OS (I have to confess, when playing with new OSes, it piss me off when I can’t find normal things like turn the PC off, how to close apps, the touch tricks, etc, that makes me feel a end user Smile). After a couple of time using Windows 8 you won’t want your Windows 7 anymore…

To help you with one of the problems I had (with my end-user experience), for a better touching experience, have a look in some tips from the Microsoft Windows 8 blog:



The second attractive feature on Windows 8 for me is the built-in virtualization solution, called Hyper-V Client.

This Hyper-V version has almost everything that we got in the Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V. Features like PowerShell, VM limits, Dynamic Memory, Storage Migration and much more are also available on Hyper-V Client.

The only thing that are only available on the server version are:

  • Remote FX capability to virtualize GPUs
  • Live VM migration
  • Hyper-V Replica
  • SR-IOV networking
  • Synthetic fibre channel

For more information about Hyper-V Client, access

Windows 8 comes in 4 different versions: Windows RT, Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro and Windows 8 Enterprise.

This list from Wikipedia is a nice view of what you can get on each version:


To see the list with more details, access

For differences between Windows 8 Enterprise and Pro, access

I hope you enjoy it.

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