Hello World! A New Virtualization Blog is Born…

Hi there.

My name is Leandro Eduardo Silva de Carvalho, quite small Brazilian name, eh? That’s why I normally use the alias LeandroESC. For those that can’t pronounce my first name (and trust me, English people can’t!) don’t worry, just call me Leo =). Right, I little bit about me: I have been working as a Microsoft Trainer since 2007 and now I’m working as IT Specialist at IBM Australia. My specialisations are Microsoft virtualization, Private Cloud, System Center, Exchange, Sharepoint and some other stuffs.
I started to use this blog originally, back in the LiveSpaces times, to post my Portuguese articles. Since my MSMVPS blog, also in Portuguese, it became obsolete. I have been trying to get a place to put my English articles for a while. Instead of getting a new domain or a new website, I decided to convert this blog as my main English blog.
The idea here is to help the Microsoft community with articles, news and all other information about my passion: Microsoft Virtualization. You will find things around Hyper-V, System Center, Cloud and other stuff that I love. This is the way I found to share my thoughts and ideas and I hope the content posted here can help IT Pros in some way.
Critics, ideas and comments are welcome, so please feel free to keep in touch, sending emails and providing feedbacks.
For my Portuguese readers and subscribers, I still have my Portuguese blog at http://msmvps.com/blogs/msvirtualization. If you prefer you can also use the translation tool here in the right pane as well. I’ll keep the old post in Portuguese for reference too.

I looking forward to start blogging and use this space to catch up with you guys.

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