My Session at Teched Australia 2014

Speaking both

Hi guys.

I was invited this year again to be a speaker at Teched Australia 2014. I’ve been helping with small sessions like exam crams and Instructor-Led Labs since 2010 but this is the first time I’ve got a breakout session, looking forward to that.

The session topic is Hyper-V being administered and automated by PowerShell. Since the beginning of my journey in IT I’ve learned that IT-Pros and command lines, codes and programming are not a good combination, but I’ve also learned that that’s the only option we have out of the box to save time with automation and doing things quicker. The good news is that scripts and command lines became much easier since the first release of PowerShell. The guys that created it where thinking on how IT Pros could actually use commands in their day-to-day jobs so that’s what I’ll be covering. I’ll show and teach you how easy and simple is to use Powershell so that you can build your own scripts and commands to do most of the daily tasks.

Besides talking about the new PowerShell and Hyper-V features I’ll do some demos showing normal tasks that Hyper-V admins do in their job.

Here are the session information:

Hyper-V Session

Another exciting news is that for the first time Teched Australia has been split in two events. In Melbourne between October 7 & 8 and Sydney between October 27 & 28. My session is the only one covering Hyper-V in Sydney and I’ll also try to show you some news about the new Hyper-V and PowerShell in Windows 10 so don’t miss out.


Leandro Carvalho
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Leandro Carvalho works as product specialist with Microsoft solutions such as Windows Server, Hyper-V, App-V, VDI, Security, System Center, Exchange, Lync Server, Sharepoint, Project Server and client systems, in addition to helping the community constantly with articles, forums, videos and lectures about his passion: Microsoft Virtualization. He obtained the certifications Certified Ethical Hacker/MCP/MCSA+M+S/MCSE+S/MCTS/MCITP/MCT and MVP. In 2009 he won the MCT Awards Latin America Trainer of the year and since 2009 the Microsoft MVP as a Virtualization Specialist.

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