Hyper-V Manager Gratuito

Existem 3 métodos de instalar o Hyper-V:

O Hyper-V do Windows Server 2008 R2 – Full Installation

O Hyper-V do Windows Server 2008 R2 – Core Installation (Instalação sem interface gráfica, provendo mais segurança e performance)

Hyper-V Server 2008 R2 – Versão gratuita do Hyper-V, sem interface gráfica. Clique aqui para download.

Nas duas últimas formas de utilizar o Hyper-V não existe uma interface no próprio servidor para administrar as VMs e fazer algumas configurações básicas .Para isso é preciso conectar ao servidor usando o Hyper-V Manager de um servidor remoto ou através do Windows Vista ou 7.

Existe, porém, uma ferramenta não-Microsoft que fornece o gerenciamento completo do ambiente virtual para as versões sem interface gráfica chamada 5Nine Hyper-V Manager totalmente gratuita que possibilita a administração completa das VMs, inclusive com algumas configurações adicionais que não existem no Hyper-V Manager.

Veja alguns screenshots abaixo:

HyperV Manager1

HyperV Manager2

HyperV Manager3

Na segunda foto é possível visualizar as configurações de Hardware das VMs com um menu na parte de baixo mostrando os dispositivos IDE, SCSI e as Redes.

Na última foto é exibido o gerenciador de redes com algumas opções avançadas.

Não é preciso instalar o software, somente executá-lo e também é possível administrar o Hyper-V do Windows Server com interface gráfica por ele.

Para download, clique aqui.

Leandro Carvalho
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About leandroesc
Leandro Carvalho works as product specialist with Microsoft solutions such as Windows Server, Hyper-V, App-V, VDI, Security, System Center, Exchange, Lync Server, Sharepoint, Project Server and client systems, in addition to helping the community constantly with articles, forums, videos and lectures about his passion: Microsoft Virtualization. He obtained the certifications Certified Ethical Hacker/MCP/MCSA+M+S/MCSE+S/MCTS/MCITP/MCT and MVP. In 2009 he won the MCT Awards Latin America Trainer of the year and since 2009 the Microsoft MVP as a Virtualization Specialist.

2 Responses to Hyper-V Manager Gratuito

  1. Sven Bleckwedel says:

    Hi, Leandro,

    I contacted 5nine support team about their tool and received back the following information:

    You can run our tool “right on Windows Server 2008/Server 2012, Full or Core, or Microsoft
    hyper-V Servers 2008 or 2012 (that also have no GUI).

    It is its primere purpose – provide local GUI for GUI-less Hyper-V environments. Plus value –
    add, such as Vm/Host file copying; next rev. will contain fast anti-Malware, etc.

    If you would like to manage hyper-V server *remotely* – you can either install MS Hyper-V
    manager on x 64 Windows 7, or do the same thing using our tool. Or use other 3rd party
    tools you referred too (www.utharam.com).

    But once again – our 59Manager was created specifically for the purpose of running on
    Hyper-V host. It is also important for trouble-chooting an management of the hosts when
    the network is hosed/down.

    5nine Support

    Other thing that should be commented here is that only through Vista x64 and up is possible to have Hyper-V Manager installed, of course too.

    And, being possible to have Hyper-V Server 2008 R2 installed and running maybe could be a very good opportunity to use it, but being not possible to use Hyper-V Manager through Windows XP and Vista x86, maybe could not be a good choice, at the end.

    Since 2010 I tried Cytrix XenServer and had no problems with it, including the fact of being possible to manage some VMs with XenCenter, even being this tool installed in Vista/XP.


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