Gagget gratuito de Hyper-V


Esses dias eu precisei de um gerenciamento e monitoramento simples do Hyper-V. Um MVP chamado Tore Lervik criou um Gadget que me atendeu muito bem. Além do monitoramento simples das máquinas, dá pra conectar remotamente com um duplo clique, suporte a wake-on-lan é em português.

Segue a descrição do gadget:


  • Host title
    Double click on the host title to launch a new Remote Desktop connection to the host.
  • Host Control
    Hover over the host title to get a set of buttons for the host if you have Wake on Lan enabled. (Shut Down or Start)
  • Host title RAM amount
    Displays the RAM amount the host has left.
  • VM title
    1. If the VM supports RDP and you got vmconnect installed: Double click to launch VMConnect* to the VM and a RDP icon appears when you hold the cursor over the VM.
    2. If the VM supports RDP: Double click to launch RDP to the VM.
    3. If you got vmconnect installed: Double click to launch VMConnect* to the VM.
  • VM Status
    Displaying the status of the VM in both color and text.
    If the VM is running a cpu graph will be displayed.
  • VM Control
    Hover over the status to get a set of buttons for the current VM. (Start, Turn Off, Shut Down and Save)
  • Large Size (Undocked)
    You can make the gadget bigger by using the Large Size (Windows 7) or Undock it from the sidebar (Vista).

* Hyper-V Manager and VMConnect are included in Hyper-V Tools that comes with Microsoft RSAT.

  • Servers (Server manager)
    This is the list of servers that the gadget will try to connect to.
    Each server can have custom credentials or just blank userpassword for default credentials.
  • Refresh time (Seconds)
    How often the gadget should refresh the server information.
  • Click type
    How the gadget takes mouse input. (Double or single click)
  • Server Control
    Enabledisable the Control buttons.
  • Language
    Select what language you want the gadget to use.
    Currently supported languages are:
    • Deutsch by Bjoern Buerstinghaus
    • English by Tore Lervik
    • Nederlands by Wibout Bootsma
    • Norsk by Tore Lervik
    • Portuguese by Mauro Ribeiro
    • Svenska by Camilla Bergström



Hyper-V Monitor.gadget (50 kb)


About leandroesc
Leandro Carvalho works as product specialist with Microsoft solutions such as Windows Server, Hyper-V, App-V, VDI, Security, System Center, Exchange, Lync Server, Sharepoint, Project Server and client systems, in addition to helping the community constantly with articles, forums, videos and lectures about his passion: Microsoft Virtualization. He obtained the certifications Certified Ethical Hacker/MCP/MCSA+M+S/MCSE+S/MCTS/MCITP/MCT and MVP. In 2009 he won the MCT Awards Latin America Trainer of the year and since 2009 the Microsoft MVP as a Virtualization Specialist.

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