My Sessions at Infrastructure Saturday in Brisbane


Hey folks.

On 3rd November, at the Microsoft Brisbane offices in the Brisbane CBD, a group of IT Pros formed by technical specialist, MVPs, Microsoft employees and other experts will be presenting the Infrastructure Saturday.

We will have a total of 14 sessions talking about Hyper-V, System Center 2012, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8, Group Policy, PowerShell, SharePoint, Exchange and Lync. from 9AM to 5:30PM.

I’ll be presenting 3 sessions with my mate Alessandro Cardoso:

  • System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 SP1 – New Features and Improvements
  • Making your Virtual Machines High Available with Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V
  • Top 10 Reasons to Choose Microsoft Hyper-V
    It’s all about virtualisation. That’s our tasks with these three sessions, which will cover all enhancements and new features of Hyper-V new version and System Center Virtual Machine 2012 SP1. We are preparing lots of cool Brazilian jokes demos and real world scenarios. It will be a great opportunity to keep up to date with all information you need about Microsoft virtualisation.
    To view the list with all sessions, click here.
    The event is totally free, but it requires registration, which can be completed here.
    So if you are around in Brisbane that Saturday, just come up there.
    See you there!

Leandro Carvalho
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New Veeam Backup for Windows Server 2012

Hi there.


Veeam, one of the best backup software for Hyper-V, released a new product that support Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V virtual machines.

With an easy interface to backup your VMs on the fly, it supports compression, deduplication and the option to restore the VM in any other host.

The new version also has a free edition that supports backup compression, VM, VM file and file level recovery, file management and much more.

For more information, visit the website

Leandro Carvalho 
Certified Ethical Hacker | MCSA+S+M| MCSE+S | MCTS | MCITP | MCBMSS | MCT | MVP Virtual Machine
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An Overview of Teched Australia 2012

Hi there!

Last week we had Teched Australia 2012 in Gold Coast.

For the second year I had the opportunity to participate with 2 Instructor-Led Labs talking about the Sideloading Windows 8 Applications and using App-V with SCCM 2012. I also presented a exam cram session full of tips and tricks to pass in the exam 70-247 – Configuring and Deploying a Private Cloud with System Center 2012. I got some very nice feedbacks and no problems with the timing during the presentations (last year my exam cram should be 60 minutes and I finished in 140 min Smile)

This year we also had lots of sessions about Private Cloud and Windows Server 2012. A few Program Managers from US came to present a couple of sessions and we had amazing tracks covering all new features of Windows Server 2012, Windows 8 and System Center. Particularly I think the Hyper-V sessions with Ben Armstrong (Virtual PC Guy) were pretty cool.

I met lots of IT Pros, ex-students (chicken users), MVPs and Virtualisation Specialists. I definitely enjoyed every single day of the event.

Didn’t make Teched this year?! Not a problem… You can check all sessions online. They are available on

The party this year was full on! Lots of cool things such as laser tag, comedy shows, movies, balloon soccer (sort of) and much more. 

For my surprise I also won a helicopter flight and a limo lift. We had a flight around Gold Coast and I went to the airport taken by the limo. That was awesome!

Here are some pictures from the event.


I reckon it was the best Teched Australia ever and I’m looking forward for next year.

Hopefully we can meet there again!


Leandro Carvalho
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System Center 2012 Service Pack 1 Beta Available for Download


Hi there!

The System Center 2012 Service Pack 1 Beta for all products were released last week. It basically updates the current version of SC components to support Windows 8, Windows Server 2012 and their new features such as Network Virtualization, VHDX, Windows Store, etc.


The Beta of System Center 2012 Service Pack 1 (“SP1”) enables System Center customers to jointly evaluate System Center 2012 with Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8. The Beta is for evaluation purposes only and not to be used in production as described in the EULAs associated with the product. No license keys are required to do this evaluation. The Beta includes updates and enhancements to the following System Center 2012 components:

  • Virtual Machine Manager
    • Improved Support for Network Virtualization
    • Extend the VMM console with Add-ins
    • Support for Windows Standards-Based Storage Management Service, thin provisioning of logical units and discovery of SAS storage
    • Ability to convert VHD to VHDX, use VHDX as base Operating System image
  • Configuration Manager
    • Deployment and management of Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012
    • Distribution point for Windows Azure to help reduce infrastructure costs
    • Automation of administrative tasks through PowerShell support
    • Management of Mac OS X clients and Linux and UNIX servers
    • Real-time administrative actions for Endpoint Protection related tasks
  • Data Protection Manager
    • Improved backup performance of Hyper-V over CSV 2.0
    • Protection for Hyper-V over remote SMB share
    • Protection for Windows Server 2012 de-duplicated volumes
    • Uninterrupted protection for VM live migration
  • App Controller
    • Service Provider Foundation API to create and operate Virtual Machines
    • Support for Azure VM; migrate VHDs from VMM to Windows Azure, manage from on-premise System Center
  • Operations Manager
    • Support for IIS 8
    • Monitoring of WCF, MVC and .NET NT services
    • Azure SDK support
  • Orchestrator
    • Support for Integration Packs, including 3rd party
    • Manage VMM self-service User Roles
    • Manage multiple VMM ‘stamps’ (scale units), aggregate results from multiple stamps
    • Integration with App Controller to consume Hosted clouds
  • Service Manager
    • Apply price sheets to VMM clouds
    • Create chargeback reports
    • Pivot by cost center, VMM clouds, Pricesheets
  • Server App-V
    • Support for applications that create scheduled tasks during packaging
    • Create virtual application packages from applications installed remotely on native server


Information and Support for System Center 2012 Service Pack 1 Beta

Leandro Carvalho
Certified Ethical Hacker | MCSA+S+M| MCSE+S | MCTS | MCITP | MCBMSS | MCT | MVP Virtual Machine
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Windows Server 2012 Resources–Download, Free Online Training, Practice Exam, Presentation Files, Videos and Much More

Hi Everyone!

WS and Cloud

After a busy week at Teched Australia, I’m finally back, trying to catch up all the releases and news.

Now that I have time to follow the updates, I’ve noticed lots of info about Windows Server 2012 that has been released last week. This new version comes with tons of features and improvements to run any workload in a cloud infrastructure. It doesn’t matter if you have public, private or hybrid clouds, Windows Server 2012 suits all of them and bring reliability, flexibility and manageability to your servers.

To help you getting all you need to get ready for Windows Server I created this list of links and resources that I think will be pretty handy. Check it out:

WS2012Download Windows Server 2012

Windows Server 2012 Blog

Launch Event Videos

Free Online Training on Microsoft Virtual Academy

Free Microsoft Practice Exams

More than 100 TechEd 2012 Hands-On Labs (Available till September 30th and requires sign-up for free)

Free ebook: Introduction to Windows Server 2012:

PowerPoint Presentation and Videos on TechEd Calalog

Windows Server 2012 Technet Forums

Windows Server 2012 Resource Webpage

PowerShell 3.0 Download -

Download Hyper-V Server 2012 (Free Hyper-V version)

Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V Architecture Poster

Hyper-V Poster

Atari Games for IE 10 (Come one, we also need some fun!)


Leandro Carvalho
Certified Ethical Hacker | MCSA+S+M| MCSE+S | MCTS | MCITP | MCBMSS | MCT | MVP Virtual Machine
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My Sessions at Teched Australia 2012

Hi there.


It was a pleasure to be invited again for the second year to present at Teched Australia this year.

Being honest, I was quite impressed again and very happy when I got the email from the Teched Team.

The first session will be an exam cram:

“Exam Crams are 90-minute sessions and are taught by leading Industry Experts in their field. They will share their knowledge of the product exams, how to prepare, what to expect and give invaluable tips and tricks when taking an exam. The Exam Cram sessions have been carefully chosen, so you have a range of technologies and certification tracks to choose from.”

The exam that I’ll be presenting is the 70-247 (Configuring and Deploying a Private Cloud with Microsoft System Center 2012). Private clouds are becoming more and more common and certified Private Cloud IT pros will be ahead in the competition. I’ll try to cover and show everything you need to know to successfully pass on this exam.

The good news is that Microsoft Certification Exams can be taken at TechEd 2012 for $99 inc GST. Exam vouchers can be purchased as an additional extra when you register for TechEd. Already registered for TechEd? Log into your account and add Microsoft Certification Exam as an extra.

Book your certification now.

The other 2 sessions will be Instructor-Led Labs (ILL).

“Each Instructor-Led Lab (ILL) presents the best Hands-On Lab content in an expert-facilitated environment. While using your own computer, Microsoft Certified Trainers walk you through exercises in a 75-minute session.”

I like these IIL format because we have the opportunity to talk about a particular topic and the audience can do the lab during the presentation. It’s a sort of hands-on during the session. Pretty cool.

My 2 ILL are:

  • Sideloading Applications in Windows 8
  • Deploying & Managing Virtual Applications (App-V) using System Center 2012 Configuration Manager

Teched Australia 2012 will be held in the Gold Coast Convention Centre between September 11-14. I hope to catch up with you there!

Leandro Carvalho
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Links, Differences Between Versions, Hyper-V Client and More Details about Windows 8

Hi there!

After a long wait, Windows 8 has been released! Horraay! The bad news is that only Technet/MSDN Subscribers have access now. For everyone else, you will need to wait till October. =(

But hold on! There is a good news too! Microsoft also released a free 90 Days Trial version for the public. Have a look in some details and download links:


To download the trial version click here.

Windows 8 comes with lots of improvements and new features. There are 2 particular ones that I’m really excited about: The new graphical interface and the Hyper-V Client.

I like the idea of tablets. Portable, with you wherever you are, but I miss desktop applications. I think it would be awesome to have tablets that you could use as your desktop PC as well, with all Apps we normally have on Windows, everything in a single device. Now with the new Windows 8 GUI we have a fusion between tabled and PC in just one device, making that possible.

Tablets like Microsoft Surface will have keyboards on it, allowing us to have everything we expect from a desktop in a tablet, or vice-versa. Smile

Another good factor in the GUI are the tiles. Rather than normal icons, Windows 8 comes with live and animated tiles that can show updates about what’s going on in your apps. It is very handy. Default tiles like calendar, Mail and weather let you see the information straight away in the Start screen. Sometimes I don’t even open the applications to see their details. All that I need to see is in the tiles.


I’ve heard both good and bad feedbacks about this new interface. There are some people that doesn’t like the idea of an OS without the Start menu and the live tiles. Well, let’s get back to the Windows 2000 times… I remember when Windows XP came out with a new interface (comparing with Windows 2000 that was a big change). I also remember almost everyone complaining about that: “This shit looks like a Teletubbie OS”, “Lots of colors, looks like a kid OS”, “Didn’t like this new GUI) etc, etc, etc.


The thing is that you will just need sometimes playing and discover the new OS (I have to confess, when playing with new OSes, it piss me off when I can’t find normal things like turn the PC off, how to close apps, the touch tricks, etc, that makes me feel a end user Smile). After a couple of time using Windows 8 you won’t want your Windows 7 anymore…

To help you with one of the problems I had (with my end-user experience), for a better touching experience, have a look in some tips from the Microsoft Windows 8 blog:



The second attractive feature on Windows 8 for me is the built-in virtualization solution, called Hyper-V Client.

This Hyper-V version has almost everything that we got in the Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V. Features like PowerShell, VM limits, Dynamic Memory, Storage Migration and much more are also available on Hyper-V Client.

The only thing that are only available on the server version are:

  • Remote FX capability to virtualize GPUs
  • Live VM migration
  • Hyper-V Replica
  • SR-IOV networking
  • Synthetic fibre channel

For more information about Hyper-V Client, access

Windows 8 comes in 4 different versions: Windows RT, Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro and Windows 8 Enterprise.

This list from Wikipedia is a nice view of what you can get on each version:


To see the list with more details, access

For differences between Windows 8 Enterprise and Pro, access

I hope you enjoy it.

Leandro Carvalho
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